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What are the benefits of counselling & psychotherapy?

Updated: May 8

Counselling & Psychotherapy are arguably more accessible than ever. From the coach to the camera, the digital shift exacerbated by the global covid-19 pandemic has meant the traditional nature of talking therapy has been uprooted into the digital realm. Whilst online therapy wont be appropriate for everybody, for many, the flexibility that online therapy offers has benefited clients worldwide.

COVID- 19 has illustrated just how interconnected we are. The contagious virus spreading around the world accompanied by fear and panic...

Now just imagine the impacts of every individual healing their emotional wounds, able to give and be love freely, immune from the need to defend, attack or judge another.... When we embark on the healing journey within, we don't just heal ourselves....

So how does therapy help?

Therapy works to:

- Expand your self-awareness. To find freedom from unconscious fixed beliefs, conditions, habits and patterns of relating for empowerment and growth - reprogram your subconscious mind and literally re-wire your brain


- Establish and (re) connect to internal resources for growth, development, emotional maturity and resilience


- Harness your natural capacity for self-awareness & introspection for creativity, empowerment and fulfilment of potential


- Improve and model healthy relationships to improve mental health and overall wellbeing

- To be unafraid of and available for explicit conversation & conscious communication


- To own, accept and be responsible for all aspects of self - including those that you may rather not admit

- To cultivate unconditional self-compassion

- To understanding, integrate and heal emotional loss and wounds

- To address relational dysfunction, emotional loss, grief, stress, nervous system dis-regulation and psychological trauma. That is; to address whole wellbeing

Whilst everyone comes in to psychotherapy with their own unique story, issues and goals, what binds us all is our need for safety, our need to be accepted, seen and heard in our authentic selves. Not always easy in a society full of fear, insecurity and judgement...

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