Clinical Ethos

Individual Empowerment for Collective Evolution

Human beings have the innate capacity for optimum health.  This drive for wellbeing, homeostasis and fulfilment is our natural evolutionary tendency. Together we take the journey back to your own healing capacity by embracing the power of self-awareness, and the transformative capacity of authentic connection for emotional and relational intelligence.


The therapeutic relationship is an active relationship enabling insight, healing, empowerment and growth. Healing occurs in ones own awareness.

My clinical model is Integrative - all my work integrates various schools of psychology, health and wellbeing including neuroscience, psychodynamic and developmental modalities, trauma, energy psychology and consciousness.

Driving change in the field moving away from pathologizing symptoms of mental illness, I encourage the use of diagnoses and illness as the basis to understand a collection of symptoms to guide healing the root cause, as opposed to be treated as an 'external' condition.


'Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate'

Carl Jung